Vault FAQ


How are the jeans sold?
Do I have to buy my own inventory?
How many jeans are in an inventory?
How long does it take for the customers to get their jeans?
Do I get my own inventory?
Where do I pick up the inventory?
What if we don’t have a IC in our area?
What if the calendar gets full?
Can I order specific jeans in my inventory?
Are these jeans authentic?
So how do you get such good prices?
Are you going to run out of jeans?
What brands of jeans do you carry?
How much do the jeans cost?
What is the time commitment?
How quickly can I begin earning money?
How much can I make?
How do I get paid?
Can I get others involved?
How will I get trained?
Does the company supply the hostesses?
What do hostesses get?
How much do you sell at each party?
How often can I hold events?
How do I get started?
What Do I Get When I Start?
How much does it cost to enroll?
Do you have incentives?
What about conventions and trips?
Why should I choose Vault?


Vault Denim LC is a BBB Accredited Jean Supplier in Sandy, UT